Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrestling anybody???

So, apparently we don't have enuf to do...let's add something else. LOL. Jeff is going to coach wrestling for the 4th thru 8th grade. WHOA, and he just called to the Elder's Quorum 2nd counselor. He is coaching his last football game today (as we speak) then its on to wrestling and EQ...haha.  I think he is excited to be involved in the community. I am glad he will be coaching our kids aged groups. That will be great! Easier for him to make it to their tournaments!! Hopefully! ; )

And, I guess I will put on here that Chayce is getting braces on monday. He is so excited. I am not sure why a kid would be excited about that but I am glad I am not having to fight him on it! So that will be our next exciting trek!!

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To sum up our story:

Jeff and I got married on August 14, 1998. We have four beautiful boys and a sweet little girl. We have been married for 13 years. We run a business in Utah called Sprockets. It is a full service ATV shop. It has been Jeff's dream to do since he was a kid (not mine!! ; )) But we keep very busy at it and are glad for the support from the community. This is a great place to live.