Friday, June 27, 2008

Primary Children's Photos of Charger

Here are some pic's of our Charger (Beans) when he was life-flighted to Primary Children's Hospital and diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile onset) Diabetes. His glucose level was 1,243 (Range should be 100-200). He lost 8 pounds in a week, was very lathargic. He probably slept about 98% of the day. He constantly had a drink with him, and urinated soooo much, and was not hungry. He was treated for RSV, had chest x-rays, was unnecesarily doing breathing treatments twice a day. Watch for those things in your own kids. All it takes is a blood test.
Now, he is healthy. He loves to eat! I check his sugar about 10 times a day. He gets about 5-6 shots of insulin a day. We are still trying to figure it out but he is doing wonderful! We are so happy that he is still here with us and that his disease is manageable! What a blessing. There are much worse things out there that could happen than Diabetes!!! ; )

St George Roadrunners....

We went to My kids' school on Wednesday for the program that they have during summer. They have "take home library". They give the kids 4 or 5 books to read during the week (or the night before they are supposed to go back sometimes....haha) Anyway, this week they had a St george Roadrunner player, Brandon Taylor (Local baseball team) come and read a book to the kids called "Out of the ball park." It was great, and my kids absolutely loved it. I was sitting with a couple of freinds and afterwards, Chayce went to say hi to him and Kellee was sitting next to me and was like "nudging" my arm saying where's your camera, over and over. I wasn't paying attention, I was busy talking. I was trying to brush her off because I thought she was one of my kids,,,,,,haha. I look over finally and am like OH CRAP WHERE IS MY PHONE THAT'S MY KID!!!! She was like duh... I was trying to tell you...Great times!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Fav Music

Apparently this thing is pretty high tech, but I am figuring it out SLOWLY, with the help of my great neighbor Court!!! HEHE!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cub Scouts......aaahhh!!!!

Yes, yes, yes I know with four boys of my own this was expected to be called to the scouting program. But, after being in primary for 12+ years, I don't know that I am quite ready to "graduate." LOL.
We had our first Den Meeting today! I think we pulled it off. Whew!!!! I was pretty stressed. I am not sure why though, because I have taught these same kids in primary for years, and coached them in T-Ball, and Machine pitch. So it's not like I don't know them! But, I am feeling lots more comfortable now that I have one out of the way. It was actually kind of fun! You get to do silly things, and they think you are cool for it...WOW! When does that ever happen! So we played a game with them with a pillow case full of items that if the whistle blew and you were holding the case, you had to wear an article from it. ONE OF THE BOYS (from the start of the game) WAS HOPING TO PULL OUT A DRESS SO HE COULD WEAR IT!!!!!! He was serious!!! I thought it was a crack up! I loved it. Then we played more games, and familiarized ourselves on what each one needed to pass off. This really could be a fun thing! I am sure I will enjoy this! What a great blessing this will be for my little family. I am very thankful for all of our endeavors that we are given to endure. I know that if I am diligent in my calling and remember what life is all about that it all works out for the best!Hopefully someday I can be even half of the spiritual giant my mom was. I keep her in my mind thru all of my actions, and it helps alot!! ;) I am very lucky to have such a wonderful example!

Our Fam's Photo's ; )

To sum up our story:

Jeff and I got married on August 14, 1998. We have four beautiful boys and a sweet little girl. We have been married for 13 years. We run a business in Utah called Sprockets. It is a full service ATV shop. It has been Jeff's dream to do since he was a kid (not mine!! ; )) But we keep very busy at it and are glad for the support from the community. This is a great place to live.