Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I hAvE bEeN tAgGeD!

*Random Facts*
1. I love to Read, especially The Twighlight Series (All-time Fav)
2. I like to garden, I love to plant new plants in our yard. I would love for it to be a serene garden someday!
3. I miss the Primary, but love Cub Scouts!
4. I am actually very shy until I warm up... alot of times I have been accused of being "cold" but I am just shy!!
*Current Obsessions*
1. Blogging
2. Scrapbooking
3. Reading
4. Canning, trying to build up the food storage.
5. Getting my own school stuff underway.
1. Exercise
2. Spend more quality, fun time with my kids and husband.
3. Get organized.
4. Be more like my mom.
*My Fears*
1. Losing someone close to me!!!!!
2. Missing out on something important with my family for something not so important.
3. Kids, Kids, Kids!!!!!!!!! I hope they make it past adolescents!!!
4. Strangers
5. The dark!
*My Joys*
1. The five men in my life! ;)
2. Love to spend time with family and friends!
3. The Gospel!
4. Having chaos at home, I love it! It reminds me I have a family, and we are healthy enough to be chaotic!!
5. Scrapbooking
6. Reading
7. Learning
I tag Jesi, Lori, and whoever else has yet to be tagged.

Chayce's Baptism Day

What a special day for him! He had some special talks given to him on this special day, and he loved every second of the whole day!! We are very blessed to have him in our family and to be blessed by his wonderful spirit. He is a huge helper and loves to be "in charge" and we absolutely love every second we have with him. We are constantly telling him to be a kid and not to worry so much, but I was the oldest too and so was Jeff and we both know how that goes! He will grow up so fast and then turn around and wish he was a kid again! That is apart of life I guess!





Can you say "cheese"

Loves, loves the camera!

Awwwwww! How cute!

Luv it!

Beans and Bug!

Birthday Boy!!!

Beans finally turned TWO!!!! And let me tell you he is every bit of two! WOW! Between that and being the baby, and the diabetic, and so on-this kid is giving us a run! We love him tons though! It is great to see them grow up! I fell down the other day, my knee wasn't feeling to hot, and he was the first one by my side to say "u otay?" over and over while rubbing my shoulder. What a sweet heart I tell ya! Anyway, we just hung out at home and did a little birthday party for him while having pizza, popcorn, and movies all in our jammas! It was a great time. We had the infamous cone hats, as well as the blow things that unravel while you blow thru them and roll back up, and of course you cannot forget the cake we had that had "beans" on top (since that is his nickname just don't ask me why but it stuck).

He knew it was his day, and he was like an angel that whole day! I thought he would be a pill but it was a great day for him, and us too!

After pizza, I put him on the table and let him open his presents, he kept looking at me like are you sure you want me on the table? Hello, mom what are you thinking?? Then he was like ok cool, I will open presents up here. He loved every one of them, bikes, trucks, you name it he loves it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another trip to the ER for Bug...

Well, we made another trip to the Instacare for ChanleyBug yesterday, and yet again it ended with getting his head stapled. This poor kid is only six and has had now 18 staples in his head, from a couple different occasions, several stitch-ups and lots of cuts and bruises. Somehow they all end up on his face or head.
I was outside pulling our wonderful yard full of stinkin weeds, yuck! When about 5:30 Chan started screaming bloody murder, so I lift my head to see what happened. Chayden was standing on top of the trampoline and had just thrown a vinyl fence post to the ground because he had just whacked Chan in the head with it. If you have ever seen a head wound then you know that they bleed a TON! There was blood everywhere. I jump up and take him inside to get a towel to see how bad it actually was. Well, of course Chan sees the blood and totally freaks out and wants to see it now.....tell me how you look at your own head???? I finally get it where I can see the battle wound and it is pretty bad. It went clear to the skull and is about an inch or so long. There are some skids on it as well where it kinda snagged his skin for about another two inches, which includes a huge goose egg. Jeff had just left about 30 minutes before to fix something for someone at their house. I called him and said you need to come home right now because I need to take Chan to the ER. When he got home he saw it and said "Yep, you better take him in." Fortunately he had finished up that little job he was at. I take Chan in to the Instacare and there was one other person that got there at the same time we did, and other than that there was nobody else there. We waited long enough for Chan to look at the picture I just took of his head. Of course when we get in to start the process, everyone asks what happened, and Chan is not shy to tell them that his four year old brother had "Cracked his head open with a fence post." You can imagine the look on everyone's faces by his response. They all have to ask again how old his brother was and cannot believe that a four year old could this sort of damage. He got a little frog to help him thru the process, which he was very happy to receive. When they started stapling his head I offered him my hand to squeeze and oh my goodness, I thought I would have to pull my hand back because that is exactly what he did with it. He can squeeze hard by the way!! The first staple the doctor asked if he could feel and he said "nope", the second he said that one "kind of felt like tiny little pinches", the third one said "kind of hurt", and the fourth one the Doctor said that's it your done, and Chan said "I didn't even cry." He was soo brave and tough. He was proud of himself for not crying. He cried the whole way to the Instacare from the anxiety. He did not want staples. Everyone there told him what a tough guy he had been. The doctor went and got him an airplane for being so good! He was pretty excited about that. Before we even left the house he asked if he would get an airplane from them because he remembered he got one before and liked it. You will have to look at his get up on the photos. He was wearing his Spiderman costume and I told him to get his shoes on so he put his all-time favorite cowboy boots on. He looked fabulous! It was quite funny! But it also made him feel tough so it was ok.
On the way home I had to stop because he couldn't wait!!!! He had to go potty so bad he said. But, of course he couldn't tell me before we left the Instacare. We stopped at the gas station for him which then has to turn into wanting a treat for being so tough. He chooses milk duds and strawberry milkshake. When we check-out he has to tell the cashiers what happened. He is quite the kid.
When we made it home only an hour and a half after we left, Chayden had put himself to sleep in his bed. I hadn't said too much to him before I left, and Jeff said he talked to him a bit but not too much. It was enough torture for him to know we had to take Chan to the ER that I didn't feel the need for further punishment. After he woke up he started bawling when he saw Chan's head. We finally get the whole story out of them both. Chan had actually hit Chayden in the head first with a push toy of Charger's that was only plastic, but he had started it. So, Chayden was just getting revenge. Little did he know to what extent.
Anyway, everything works out for the best and self-torture turned out to be enough punishment for the both of them.

To sum up our story:

Jeff and I got married on August 14, 1998. We have four beautiful boys and a sweet little girl. We have been married for 13 years. We run a business in Utah called Sprockets. It is a full service ATV shop. It has been Jeff's dream to do since he was a kid (not mine!! ; )) But we keep very busy at it and are glad for the support from the community. This is a great place to live.