Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunt

So, the day after thanksgiving we decided to leave Dad at the cabin to work on some homework and go find a Christmas Tree.... It was so fun! WE found such a cute little tree.

We had a grand ole time! I rode with my dad in his truck along with Chan, Chayden, and Charger. My dad likes to show off his diesel to me sometimes, and stomped on the pedal for a bit and let off. Well, Charger did not like the let off part. He kept saying "Grandpa go fast again." In his own little words. It was very cute!! Grandpa of course got a kick out of it. These are the good times!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pics...

Chayce is our Dracula, Chanley is our cute little pirate, Chayden is our GIRL (only for halloween), and Charger is our M&M.... It was an interesting night. The kids were out of control. Although I did bribe them that they couldn't go trick or treating unless their bedroom was clean. SO..... they cleaned their rooms but must have put their manners and kindness away with their toys because they were freakin hellians!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff was about to freak, and I had no more patience either.. but we made it through the horrible night. These are the times we will look back and laugh SOMEDAY!

To sum up our story:

Jeff and I got married on August 14, 1998. We have four beautiful boys and a sweet little girl. We have been married for 13 years. We run a business in Utah called Sprockets. It is a full service ATV shop. It has been Jeff's dream to do since he was a kid (not mine!! ; )) But we keep very busy at it and are glad for the support from the community. This is a great place to live.